Thursday 18 June 2015

Story Board

Finished documentary

Draft Script

Rough cut with feedback

This is a rough cut of my documentary:

When I screened this to my peers the feedback that I got to back was that the intro colour correction with the green fields had been colour corrected too much and made the green vibrant, so to tone that down, the opening shot of the train was an exciting intro as it gave an element of surprise so that hopefully added to the genre of film and gave the audience that sense of a thriller.
The the cutaways during the interview was good and broke up the interview but the cutaway transition should be changed as it made it look similar to a power point so either keep the cutaways using the same transition or changed all of them completely. The use of a second interview was good as it made the documentary have a second part to it and a conclusion to the documentary, but the the cutaways towards the end was to explicit and would change the age rating of your documentary so change the images of Catherine unless it to be aimed at a older audience and have to warn the viewers before viewing the film. The ending was good and should be kept like that.